AMPLIFY DAILY: Using Cognitive Disfluency in Marketing and Sales (Day #21 of 365)

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DAY #21 OF 365 | Sunday, January 21st, 2024

Today, I’m talking about Using Cognitive Disfluency in Marketing and Sales campaigns.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I talked about how to accelerate your sales cycle through lead qualification.

Next to having a deep understanding of your customer avatar, lead qualification is probably the single biggest opportunity and most overlooked and underutilized step in most people’s sales process.

When done properly, lead qualification engages your prospects immediately in such a way that they are being both qualified and trained in the most important differentiating aspects of your offer, in real-time.

Scarcity + Utility = (perceived) Value

In today’s AMPLIFY DAILY, we talk about accelerating your sales cycle through lead qualification.

A little known psychological principal called “cognitive disfluency” is the backbone of my entire approach to attraction-based marketing and sales.

Cognitive disfluency is a term used to describe the experience of mental effort or “strain” that occurs when we encounter information that requires active thinking to understand.

While people generally prefer “fluency,” or ease of information and experience if they have the ability to choose…

It is not necessarily what produces the best outcome for us when it comes to understanding, or retention.

Said another way, cognitive disfluency suggests that when we come across information that requires us to pay attention and actively think to process…

Our brains work a bit harder to decipher it, which often leads to better understanding and retention of information over time.

In this video, I walk through cognitive disfluency in the context of marketing and sales.

Almost EVERYONE in the marketplace makes it easy and readily available to buy their stuff.

But when you make your prospects work a little bit more to get to you…

And make your audience qualify themselves before they have the option to give you their money…

It creates a paradigm that shifts the power frame, and has you stand out like a sore thumb.

You and your offer are unconsciously perceived as higher value with that little paradigm shift.


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