AMPLIFY DAILY: “Featured-Based” Viral Membership Approach (Day #22 of 365)

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DAY #22 OF 365 | Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Today, I’m talking about using a “Features-Based” Viral Membership Approach to grow your audience, expand your reach, and get your exact ideal customers seeking you out and REQUESTING to connect with you.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I talked about a little known psychological principal called “cognitive disfluency,” and why it is the backbone of my entire approach to attraction-based marketing and sales.

It basically means that when we come across information that requires us to pay attention and actively think to process…

Our brains work a bit harder to decipher it, which even though it’s counterintuitive, often leads to better understanding and retention of information over time.

What I’ve discovered in sales is that when lead qualification is used to create appropriate “distance” between the perfect prospect and their ability to “qualify for” and purchase your offer…

It increases the perceived value of your offer in their minds, and sets you and your offer apart from everyone else in the marketplace.

When done properly, lead qualification engages your prospects immediately in such a way that they are being both qualified and trained in the most important differentiating aspects of your offer, in real-time…

And they will begin to chase you and hope that you will kind enough to accept their money and work with them…

Instead of you chasing them and trying to “convince” them to work with you.

The formula for that phenomena is Scarcity + Utility = (perceived) Value.

Just About Everyone Loves When You Tell The World Just How Awesome They Are…

In today’s AMPLIFY DAILY, we talk about using a “Features-Based” Viral Membership Approach to grow your audience, and attract your ideal customer or client inbound.

I recently saw this great quote that a colleague of mine, Doug Crowe, wrote on a social media post. It was “be a journalist, not a marketer.”

His point? It’s infinitely easier to get a meeting with your prospect, especially if they’re a high-powered person, if you’re leading with “I’d love to interview you for…” or “I’d love to feature you in…” vs “If you can spare 5 minutes of your time, I’d love to share with you how my company can help your company to…”

The moment you’re selling something, guards go up. When you’re featuring them, guards come down, and they are interested in building that relationship.

Give People Permission To Brag On Themselves, And They’ll Love You For It…

In this video, I walk through how I built a 6000 person, referral-based membership community in the technology space across 16 countries in a few years time…

And I did it while never running a single ad.

The crux of my strategy was a viral, features-based approach to growth.

Almost exclusively, my strategy for building membership organizations tends to focus on featuring members and would-be members…

To build organic relationships and create a dynamic where they naturally share about my organization to others in their network. 

This creates a viral effect that was intended and manufactured from moment one.

Our ENTIRE IG account was simply dedicated to featuring new and potential members…

And several of our flagship events were literally just Summits where we interviewed the most well known tech founders from around the world on stage, who were part of our core audience demographic.

For those of you who are subscribed to AMPLIFY DAILY, I’ve included a direct link to the document —>> HERE where I break down several case studies of EXACTLY how I’ve executed this strategy successfully multiple times.


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