AMPLIFY DAILY: Storytelling Beats Facts (Day #28 of 365)

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DAY #28 OF 365 | Sunday, January 28th, 2024

Today, I’m talking about key principle #5 in my 5 keys to effective attraction-based marketing.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I talked about key principle #4 in my 5 keys to effective attraction-based marketing

SHOW, Don’t Tell.

“People need to Know, Like and Trust you to buy from you…” 

We’ve all heard this old adage, right? LIES.

We’ve all gone from click to purchase in less than 5 minutes online on some product or service, from a person or company we’d never heard of before that moment.

When you see an offer that you think is a fit for you, the boxes that must be checked in order for you to buy are how can quickly can you…

  • 1) Identify the Promise: What exact outcome is the program / product / service promising, and specifically for whom? 
  • 2) Track Record: See examples of those promised results that the program / product / service will create for me, consistently being produced again and again over time, both past and present
  • 3) Find Evidence: See proof that the client results are likely true, and not just testimonials the company probably wrote themselves, or edited to say what they wanted them to say
  • 4) See The Process: See the exact steps in the process and how / why they consistently work for people like you, time and time again, preferably being demonstrated in real-time
  • 5) Identify The Financial Commitment: Does the price and terms work for your available budget

“Let me tell you a story…”

In today’s video we cover my 5th key principle of effective attraction-based marketing, Storytelling Beats Facts.

If you’re someone who is very left-brained…

It probably drives you crazy how many people TOTALLY disregard the “facts” about a situation…

When it comes to how they FEEL about the situation.

The nature of a “fact” is supposed to mean that it IS set, defined, objective and indisputable…

But while you may disagree with my next point…

The reality is ALL facts are open for interpretation…

Even in what should seem like the most objective of disciplines like accounting or law.

The money is just the money…

The law is just the law…

It’s all cut and dry…right?

Wrong. The STORY that is told, and how compelling it is determines what’s legal or not.

And when it comes to our personal lives, as well as our businesses, the best narrative wins…

Said another way, the story that most effectively has the customer accept and adopt the narrative it promotes gets the sale.

Today’s video covers the 3 small tweaks anyone can make to instantaneously go from being an average to bad storyteller, to a good storyteller.


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