AMPLIFY DAILY: Expert Framework For Automated Income Online (Day #29 of 365)

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DAY #29 OF 365 | Monday, January 29th, 2024

Today, I’m talking about the fact that most subject matter experts, even high paid ones, struggle to stop exclusively trading hours for dollars, and actually turn their expertise into (passive) income online.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I talked about key principle #5 in my 5 keys to effective attraction-based marketing

Storytelling Beats Facts.

Said another way, the story that most effectively has the customer accept and adopt the narrative it promotes gets the sale.

Today’s video covers the 3 small tweaks anyone can make to instantaneously go from being an average to bad storyteller, to a good storyteller.

Why you haven’t turned your expertise into (passive) income online…

In today’s video we cover my expert framework for creating automated income online.

Many subject matter experts make their living in front of rooms and on stages coaching, training, speaking and consulting.

While they are very intelligent, may do very well financially, and may even understand a thing or two about marketing or sales…

They almost all struggle with 1 or more of the 4 pillars that must be present, without fail…

If you’re going to scale your automated income online via information products with low overhead…

And without creating another job for yourself.

● 1) Organic Audience Building (Social media content creation and publication)

● 2) Organic List Building (Qualified lead gen and lead capture)

● 3) Organic Program Launch (Manufacturing warm network momentum and presales)

● 4) Marketing & Sales Automation (Sales system process architecture + software stack)

This article breaks it down in line item detail…

The article above shines a light on why experts have so much trouble turning their expertise into income online.


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