AMPLIFY DAILY: Anatomy of a Warm Network Launch – Overview (Day #30 of 365)

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DAY #30 OF 365 | Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Today, I’m giving a behind the red curtain overview of a warm network launch of one of my programs, an upcoming half-day live intensive for experts who want to launch an online program.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I talked about my expert framework for creating automated income online.

I give an overview of the 4 areas that almost all coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants who are trying to make money online through information products generally struggle with, without fail…

1) Organic Audience Building (Social media content creation and publication)

2) Organic List Building (Qualified lead gen and lead capture)

3) Organic Program Launch (Manufacturing warm network momentum and presales)

4) Marketing & Sales Automation (Sales system process architecture + software stack)

Behind the red curtain of a warm network launch…

In today’s video I give an overview of the lead capture process for warm network launch to an existing audience.

I’m giving a detailed behind the scenes view of the first couple of pages in the funnel for this new event, along with the internal planning document for it.

First step in my launch process is the Alert List for Lead Capture…

As we get into the funnel overview, the 1st step is my strategy for lead capture and list building, which I call the “Alert List.”

The narrative of the Alert List is for prospects to subscribe to it if they are interested in staying up to date with programs and events your company facilitates.

The goal is to get them on the subscriber list or to buy a ticket to the event.

After completing it, prospects are redirected to the event overview page.

After completing the alert list form, prospects are redirected to event overview…

My goal for this page is to clearly communicate what the event is, what it promises, who it is and isn’t for, and to establish me as an authority in the space to be listened to and trusted.


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