AMPLIFY DAILY: Simple Technique – Keeping An Engaged Audience (Day #19 of 365)

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DAY #19 OF 365 | Friday, January 19th, 2024

Today, I’m showing you a simple audience engagement technique that has increased my email open rates overall by close to 20% on average over the last 90 days.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I gave you another high-level overview of my 7-STEP PROCESS FOR WRITING CONCISE AND COMPELLING COPY SNIPPETS, along with an example of how to storyboard a story-driven social media post that has viral tendencies.

As a recap, this 7-Step Process has you write stories in email form, that seamlessly translate over to social media, and have viral characteristics.

Easy Ways I’m Finding To Consistently Stay Engaged With Your Audience…

In today’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I’ve included an example of a video that I included today in the weekly CEO update email that I send to the subscribers of my financial education community,, every Friday.

See example below from the Weekly CEO Update email I sent for this video.

The weekly update consists of 2 parts…

1st is “What I’m Thinking…” and 2nd is “What M2M is doing…”

In the “What I’m Thinking… section of the email, I simply include something I’m thinking about that day or that week, whether it’s personal or professional, that I find insightful enough to share.

In the “What M2M Is Doing…” section of the email, I share something that the company is doing that I’m excited about. In this section I might showcase a new promotion that’s coming up, or it could be something we’re working on that I haven’t announced publicly yet, and I give them a behind the scenes walkthrough.

The video is not edited, and is not supposed to be perfect or produced…

 It’s just a simple, behind the red curtain view of what’s going on with the CEO, and the company that week.

In my experience, email subscribers really appreciate this transparent view into your life, and it humanizes you and has them be more interested in the company overall.

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