AMPLIFY DAILY: Real-Time Program Launch, BTRC – Campaign Recap (Day #46 of 365)

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DAY #46 OF 365 | Thursday, February 15th, 2024


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I walked you through how 3 specific strategies you can use to go from being a pretty TERRIBLE storyteller like I am naturally…

To being a decent to better than average storyteller almost instantaneously, when you apply these 3 steps consciously in your storytelling process.

That makes stories vivid and compelling, and leaves people wanting to learn more.

Apply these 3 things I’m going to share with you today to craft an origin story for your brand…

And just watch how people begin to lean in and want to engage with you.

Real-Time Program Launch, Behind The Red Curtain – Campaign Recap…

CATEGORY: Stage-by-stage breakdowns of 5- and 6-figure marketing and sales campaigns

In today’s video, I walk through a recap of the launch funnel for YouTube Cash Course…

Ahead of inviting Whitney’s existing warm audience network to purchase a ticket for her YouTube Cash Course LIVE! event.


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