AMPLIFY DAILY: Want High Fees With Ease? Define Your Customer Ascension Journey (Day #66 of 365)

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DAY #66 OF 365 | Wednesday, March 6th, 2024


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I walked through a simple way to keep Slack threads organized and efficient…

Even when managing dozens of team members across various cities, states, time zones and countries.

Want High Fees With Ease? Define Your Customer Ascension Journey

CATEGORY: Customer Journey Definition

In today’s video, I’m walking you through a step-by-step process for how to define your customer ascension journey…

And increase your fees and scale your offer outside of your existing warm network effectively.

1. Primary Narrative


○ Define what you do and who you do it for


○ Define how you produce that result

2. Customer avatar

● Clearly define their characteristics and psychographics

● What are they focused on?

● Where are they at in their life?

● What do they want?

● Where are they failing?

● What pain are they in?

3. Customer Ascension Journey / Framework

Define the milestone stages on the journey

Milestone stages

1. The exact deliverables for each of the milestones / stages in your process

    Predictable roadblocks

    1. Define the challenges they will face and pitfalls they are likely to step into when they go and try to manage this step of the process by themselves

    2. All of the challenges that they don’t know that they don’t know that are waiting for them at each stage in the process that will put their time, money, identity, relationships at risk

      Immediate solutions

      1. Clear blueprint for WHAT to do to solve for each and every line item predictable roadblock

        Programs / Products / Services

        1. Specific to each milestone stage, there should be programs, products or services that directly solve for the predictable roadblocks at that stage, and create the predictable solutions desired

          4. Brand Stories

          ● Define the personal stories and customer that map directly onto the predictable roadblocks and immediate solutions in your framework

          5. Primary Offer(s)

          ● Define the core programs, products and services the company offers, and to whom

          6. Marketing Process

          ● Define the core channels and methods through which the company connects and communicates with potential clients and customers

          7. Sales Process

          ● Define the methods and stages in the process by which the company moves potential customers and clients through the sales process

          8. Fulfillment

          ● Define the fulfillment / delivery process for the deliverables of the offer / engagement

          9. Marketing and Sales Automation

          ● What marketing and sales automation is currently in place to systematize and scale the marketing, sales and delivery of the offer?


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