AMPLIFY DAILY: Real-Time Program Launch, Behind The Red Curtain Overview (Day #38 of 365)

Thomas K.R. Stovall
Thomas K.R. Stovall
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DAY #38 OF 365 | Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

CATEGORY: Stage-by-stage breakdowns of 5- and 6-figure marketing and sales campaigns

In today’s video, I give a brief overview of the 4 stages we will be using in the three (3) “Sandbox Launch” campaigns I’ll be letting you observe in real-time over the next 1-2 weeks.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I shared how one simple hack was part of the foundational set of guerrilla marketing tactics I used to grow a global membership network.

Overview – Behind the red curtain for 3 program launches in real-time

Stage 1: 

  • Private Sandbox launch (FB group)
  • Private Sandbox launch (Email list)

Stage 2: 

  • Private Prelaunch (FB group and Email list)

Stage 3: 

  • Public Earlybird launch (FB group, Email list and Social media)

Stage 4: 

  • Public Full launch (FB group, Email list and Social media)


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