AMPLIFY DAILY: “$53K Launch Breakdown >> Organizing Assets” (Day #6 of 365)

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DAY #6 OF 365 |Saturday, January 6th, 2024


In this current series of emails, I’m giving you an all access pass behind the scenes of a warm network launch campaign I architected and partnered on in the last week of 2023…

The campaign ended up doing approximately $53,000 in sales over a day and a half, and around $57,000 total before it was officially done a couple days later.

If you missed yesterday’s video, I gave an overview of how I approached the discovery process in planning out that campaign, before we hit the go button.

As you’ll see in yesterday’s video above, in the discovery process, I took several days and did a deep dive assessment of the following, as my first step…

  1. Reviewed existing marketing and sales process
    • Copy
    • Creative
    • Timing
    • CTAs
    • Offers
    • Conversion %s
    • Outcomes / Case studies
  2. Narrowly (re)defined the IDEAL customer avatar
    • Predictable roadblocks
    • Solutions
    • Narratives
    • Milestones


In today’s video above, I show how I took the assets available for launch and organized the folders, inside of the insights taken from discovery. (see image below)
Case studies
Customer testimonials
Customer interviews
Media featuresPaid (ads, placements, etc)

Earned (feature interviews, etc)


Once I had all the stories collected and organized, these were all the videos and images that would ultimately make up the content for the “proof” page.

If you’re launching for the first time, and have no customer testimonials yet…

You need to document your own personal stories of failures that happened when you didn’t use the process outlined in the information you’re now teaching…

As well as measurable outcomes that you achieved as a result of either not knowing or not following the process that you now teach.

I do this with a “proof” page that we build out on our sites, as a secondary, more passive sales tool to nurture prospects along during the process.


Now that we’ve covered the initial deep dive discovery, and organization of assets…

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how I created the time-sensitive, limited-time offers for this campaign…

Which juxtaposed the impending price increase of their high-ticket coaching program from $2997 to $9997 on 1/1/24, against the amazing one-time only offers that were available for just 1 day in this campaign.

A critical part of the process is creating offers that directly solve the biggest pain points of your customers, AND have as many of the 3 levers of scarcity built into them as possible.

After customer avatar selection, crafting the right offer, as well as the way the offer is sold, is the 2nd most important thing in the entire campaign.

I’ll show you the exact offers I created, and why I chose those offers and the narratives that went along with them.


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