AMPLIFY DAILY: “$53K Launch Breakdown >> $10K Offer Positioning” (Day #7 of 365)

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DAY #7 OF 365 | Sunday, January 7th, 2024


In this current series of emails, I’m giving you an all access pass behind the scenes of a warm network launch campaign I architected and partnered on in the last week of 2023…

The campaign ended up doing approximately $53,000 in sales over a day and a half, and around $57,000 total before it was officially done a couple days later.

If you missed yesterday’s video, I walked through the insights I took from the initial discovery process, and how I took the assets available for launch and organized the content folders, in preparation for launch. 


In today’s video above, I talked about the following: 

1. Price

Why their original program price point of $2997 was way too low

Why I repositioned the $7K price point they wanted to start selling the program at to $10 

2. Time

The guys were spending way too much personal time in that offer, for too little money, and it was cannibalizing their time away from their actual 8-figure clothing brand

Why we changed the 1 hour trainings they were doing 4x per week, to 1 training per week, and why that’s better for members

3. Repositioning the Commitment

The previous Inner Circle program was 90 days for $2997, then the quarterly Alumni membership was sold directly after that 90 days for $297/qtr

Changed to 1 year program at $9997, with quarterly Alumni membership after that sold at $497/qtr

4. Introducing A Focus On Milestones

There needed to be clear milestones defined that give people a reason to STAY in the high-ticket Inner Circle even after their 12 month initial membership is up

Why we set the primary program milestone at $100K/mo

5. Narrative and Offers

Why we introduced the Lifetime Founding Member offer, and limited it strictly to a 48-hour time period during the launch, then it’s gone forever

Why we introduced the Lifetime Member offer


    As a reference point, below is the actual Lifetime Founding Member checkout page that we used for the campaign.


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