AMPLIFY DAILY: “$53K Launch Breakdown >> Low-Ticket Offer Design (Day #9 of 365)

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DAY #9 OF 365 | Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

In this current series of emails, I’m giving you an all access pass behind the scenes of a warm network launch campaign I architected and partnered on in the last week of 2023…

The campaign ended up doing approximately $53,000 in sales over a day and a half, and around $57,000 total before it was officially done a couple days later.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I gave an overview of tactics of the offer deadline for the high-ticket program in the launch campaign, in story form.

Picture yourself wafting down a lazy river in an intertube, enjoying the beautiful scenery around you…

What you don’t know realize is beyond the perceived calm of the moment, the water is beginning to pick up speed, and danger lurks just up ahead…

As you’ll see in yesterday’s video above, I told a story outlining all the thinking and planning that went into a campaign structure that drives tens of thousands of dollars in sales in just hours…

By creating layered line in sand moments over multiple days, that force them to choose to remain stuck in their fear, or double down on the future they want for themselves, inside of your program.


The way this offer is created, it is positioned to eventually sell every single person who purchases it into the high-ticket $10,000 offer down the line, without having to sell them at all.

To create this offer, I repositioned the program cost and the amount of time in each billing cycle from $97/mo to $247/qtr instead, increasing the time commitment for the program, and decreasing the participation cost.

We also introduced milestones, the “7-Figure Growth Path,” and the “milestone ready” vs “mindset ready” concept, to begin priming AYV University purchasers mentally to ascend into the $9997 Inner Circle offer from day one.


Now that we’ve covered 3 parts of the offer creation process at a high level…

Tomorrow I’ll walk you through the TECHNICAL side of the campaign, and give you a brief snapshot overview of our entire funnel, and how all the software plays together seamlessly to produce an epic result…

  • Why we purposely DO NOT and WILL NOT use an all in one funnel system, vs our own custom built WordPress sales site plus separate, 3rd party tools for each function of the funnel
  • All website pages that were built, and their strategic function
  • Software integrations for forms, videos, automations and web hooks, cash collection, deadline timers, CRM, and membership sites for the actual offers once purchased
  • Engagement tracking in our CRM with tags and custom fields
  • Automations in our CRM for follow-up communications, and with 3rd party tools for actual offer fulfillment


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