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DAY #11 OF 365 | Thursday, January 11th, 2024

I’ve got to be frank with y’all – today’s video is a FULL 49 MINUTE MASTER CLASS.

It’s a shame that some of y’all will miss this because you aren’t going to make the time to watch it.

You know what’s wild? People hire me for multiple 5-figures to craft and launch campaigns that generate that and more, using the EXACT STRATEGIES I am breaking down in this video, and in the other AMPLIFY DAILY emails and videos so far.

And AMPLIFY DAILY is free. Every day. This is not a promotion in any way, and not a setup in any way. I’m simply providing value to the audience of folks who I serve.

I can only wish that 5 years ago, someone would have laid out for me the marketing and sales strategies and tactics, along with line item specificity on the technical implementation, showing the screens, everything that I’m sharing here.

But here’s what I can promise…

Whether or not a single person reads these emails, or watches these videos, I’m going to continue writing an AMPLIFY DAILY email every single day this year, and hope that the right person reads it, because what I’m giving away here can be transformative for your business, money and life.

In this current series of emails, I’m giving you an all access pass behind the scenes of a warm network launch campaign I architected and partnered on in the last week of 2023…

The campaign ended up doing approximately $53,000 in sales over a day and a half, and around $57,000 total before it was officially done a couple days later.


If you missed yesterday’s AMPLIFY DAILY, I gave some perspective about all in one systems for marketing, sales, CRM, checkout, and other aspects of your process to promote and sell your online offers, such as ClickFunnels, Kartra, etc.

As you’ll see in yesterday’s video above, I shared the primary reasons why I don’t use all in one systems, and the fact that I think it’s unlikely I will move to a model in the future where ALL moving pieces of my marketing, sales and fulfillment process all live on one platform.

It sounds extremely efficient and organized at a glance, but for me personally, there are drawbacks.

REDUNDANCY: If something goes wrong, I don’t like the fact that the whole system is at risk, since you

SPECIALIZATION: In general, the all in one platforms are going to have areas they’re really good, and then others where though they offer the service, it’s marginal. I’d rather just integrate a few different software platforms that each specialize in a particular thing and do it really well

I also shared that we don’t use 3rd party landing page building tools like ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, etc

ASSET OWNERSHIP: We want to own the most valuable assets associated with our business, and in this case, we believe that our website is a foundational asset in the business. We don’t want to lease that from a 3rd party.


In today’s video I went into DETAIL, and gave a walkthrough of every single page that the team built out and used for the SANDBOX LAUNCH (day 1) and the PRELAUNCH (day 2) of this campaign.

I gave a deep dive into the pricing on the lead capture and checkout pages, and the psychology behind it all.

I also showed some of the flowchart mapping that we use when planning out campaigns. The dollars are in the details.

Today’s video is literally an entire master class. Enjoy.


Ever hear the saying, “The devil is in the details?”

Well if you want to create effective campaigns that ring the register, the dollars are in the details.

Right at the beginning of today’s video, I showed some of the flowchart mapping that we use when planning out campaigns.

I move in some high level rooms in my industry, and I can tell you that everybody doesn’t do this, but the ones who do are generally ringing the cash register at a higher level.

It’s no different than anything else in our lives…we are more reliable at producing a result when we MAP out that entire result beforehand, and test out our plan before hitting go.

That also doesn’t mean it has to take forever to do in-depth planning. We sometimes build on the fly when we have to, but the MAPPING we do before we press go.

Today’s video is literally an entire master class. Enjoy.


We just knocked out part 2 of the infrastructure creation process for the campaign, with a deep dive walkthrough of all pages in the funnel for the SANDBOX LAUNCH and PRELAUNCH stages on day 1 and day 2 of the campaign…

Tomorrow, I’ll walk you through part 3 of the TECHNICAL side of the campaign, and share all of the pages we built for our POST launch funnel.

My framework focuses on…

● Clearly defining our exact, ideal customer avatar

● Gathering 1st party data as our primary focus

● Crafting narratives that have leads feel fine immediately giving us qualifying information about them as they first enter our database

● Using that data to immediately segment qualified leads in our database, and send them hyper-targeted client stories

● Using that data to make qualified and appropriate invitations, offers and requests to new potential customers in our database, that are a 1:1 match to help them quickly solve the roadblocks they are facing, and create the outcomes they desperately want to produce

All of this is designed to put our marketing and sales processes on autopilot, so we don’t have to “launch” and “launch” and “launch” and “launch” in perpetuity, to see revenue continue to chase us, and grow daily.

Remember, ATTRACTION-BASED marketing and sales.

I’ll walk you through our exact strategy, in detail, and hold ALMOST nothing back. 😉


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