AMPLIFY DAILY: The 4 biggest revelations I had in 2023 (Day #1 of 365)

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DAY #1 OF 365 | Monday, January 1st, 2024

Discipline. Consistency.

Two of the hardest things to conquer.

The thing is…you can’t fake them.

They’re not demonstrated by what you say…

They only show up over time. Second by second, day by day, week by week, month by month…

In your actions over time.

I promised myself that I would do 2 simple things, every single day of 2024…

And it took everything in me to FORCE MYSELF to not bail and make an excuse on DAY ONE of 2024.

I’ll share what the 2 things are that I’ve promised myself I’d do every day of 2024, but before I do, there’s 4 other things I want to share with you as we leave 2023…

The 4 biggest revelations I had in 2023 as an entrepreneur…

I’ve been a full-time business owner since I was 19…

That makes 25 years now.

The 4 insights I had this year were so simple and easy to miss, but once I saw them, I couldn’t unsee them.

I’m emailing you today, and every day this year, because of them.

They will likely become 4 of the most important insights I’ve ever had in business, and guide everything I do as a business owner for the rest of my life.

INSIGHT 1: Momentum is hard to bottle


It’s the most valuable thing you can have in any business, and will make up for the areas where you lack.

Don’t take it for granted, and when you find it, keep the petal pressed down and figure out everything else while you’re in motion.

INSIGHT 2: Storytellers will thrive


In this new age of AI, consumers will CRAVE personal connection, and human stories that have them feel connected to the faces of the brand, whether that’s the CEO, it’s leadership, or it’s brand ambassadors.

Storytelling is what will set the great brands apart going forward, and everyone else will be washed away in the current.

INSIGHT 3: Content is king


As a small business owner in 2024, your first job in the company needs to be CONTENT CREATOR.

I’ve railed against this notion for several years now. I participated in 6-figures of masterminds this year with some of the most successful 7-, 8- and 9-figure investors and online entrepreneurs in the country…

As a result of this experience, and seeing under the hoods of so many different successful business owners across a variety of industries, the conclusion I came to was undeniable…

If you are a small business owner in 2024, and are not consistently producing and publishing content that positions you as a thought leader and expert in your field on social media, you’re not just “missing an opportunity,” you are actively hamstringing the business.

NEVER thought I would say that. But to allow your discomfort with being seen, or your lack of understanding of the different mediums to keep you from doing the work to understand how to leverage the MASSIVE source of free, daily traffic and earned media that social platforms can provide is tantamount to business neglect in the age we are currently in.

INSIGHT 4: Get to know your audience on a first name basis…


Get to know your audience on a personal level, and stay connected with them on a personal level…first name basis.

I’ve started having weekly onboarding calls in my financial education community to create that personal connection with new and existing members, and stay connected to what they want and need.

This has given me a tremendous amount of insight into what’s exciting for them about joining our community, but it also has provided some intangible benefits of the community becoming more engaged, because they can FEEL that there is no ivory tower where the company owners are that is separate from them.

In learning those insights over the past year, I felt that it was important for me to press myself out of my comfort zone, and just develop a practice of creating connection and delivering thought leadership and value to my core audiences, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So here are the 2 things I’ve promised myself I would do every day in 2024…

THING 1: Send an email to my subscribers every day…

Here we are, day one. 

I hope you stick around for a bit, because it most certainly will be worth your time.

THING 2: Publish on social media at least once every day…

The primary place I’ll be posting is on the new Instagram I created exclusively for this purpose.

Over time, I’ll be posting on all of my social accounts consistently, but to begin, I’m setting my bar low, and my promise to myself is simply ONE post per day on the primary channel I’m focusing on for my personal brand (which you’ll find below). 

You can find me at:

The core audiences I serve consist of 2 groups of people…

I’ve got to get this email out tonight, to the core audience I serve, or my promise to myself will be broken on the 1st day of 2024.

  1. Seasoned Subject Matter Experts Who…
    • Make their make coaching, training, speaking or consulting from the from of rooms or on stages
    • Have a defined consulting framework or signature talk that they currently sell, to a defined customer / client
    • Are trying to turn that expertise into passive income through automated online courses, training focused membership subscription offers, challenges, group trainings and intensives sold for $2000+ to their existing warm audience
  2. Small Business Owners Who…
    • Run high 6- to mid 7-figure companies
    • Are lacking the process architecture in their marketing, sales, fulfillment or day to day project management structures to create predictability around their revenue and growth

The topics I’ll be covering are exclusively focused on providing value to those 2 groups of people…

If you’re not in either of those 2 groups, this daily email may be a bit boring for you, and it may be in your best interest to unsubscribe now…

But if you’re in either of these 2 groups, here’s what you need to know…

My intention is to deliver a MASSIVE amount of practical, brass tacks, detailed information to you over the course of the year, that will make you a considerable amount of money.

Much of it will focus on topics like…

  • Attraction-based marketing and sales techniques
  • Customer avatar selection
  • Campaign creation
  • Storytelling
  • Using lead qualification increase conversions and shorten sales cycles
  • Online audience building spending less than 30 minutes per week
  • Qualified list building
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • 4-, 5- and 6-figure warm network launch structures, no ads needed
  • CEO level insights
  • Program launches

If not one of those, it will be the myriad of other topics for small business owners and subject matter experts that are in my domain of expertise.

You’re going to get everything I’ve got to give this year.

I want you to see my name in your inbox every day and want to open it immediately, because you learn something that you can implement IMMEDIATELY to make you money, save you time, or grow your revenue as a business owner…

While still living an aligned life where you do not sacrifice your commitments to all the important people in your life that you are working to create this amazing business for in the first place.

You may not know that my frameworks have made people MILLIONS of dollars…

The frameworks that I will be sharing with you are the real frameworks I use every day in my businesses, and with clients and partners.

I charge tens of thousands of dollars for the knowledge that I will dropping right into your inbox, every single day. PLEASE – utilize it.  


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