AMPLIFY DAILY: “Customer Avatar Selection – Part 3” (Day #4 of 365)

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DAY #4 OF 365 | Thursday, January 4th, 2024

If you missed yesterday’s email, it was part 2 of my breakdown on Customer Avatar Selection.

In part 3 today, I’ll share an example of the execution of my framework I introduced to you yesterday for teasing out the very slight nuances between your IDEAL customer…

And customer avatars that may seem perfect at a glance, but will actually be your worst nightmare.


When you are launching a new company, or a new offer (program / product / service), focus your entire sales effort exclusively on individuals who are 1 of 2 places…

  1. THEY ARE CURRENTLY TRYING AND FAILING to produce a specific, consequential outcome they are working on producing personally or professionally, that you have expertise in guiding them to safely 
  2. THEY HAVE TRIED AND FAILED IN THE PAST to produce the same specific, consequential outcome that they are again currently working on producing personally or professionally, that you have expertise in guiding them to safely

Focusing on them has benefits…

  1. They are viscerally present to the pain (loss of time, energy, money, relationships, identity, etc) of them currently failing or having had a failure in the past in trying to produce the result they are currently hard at work on.
    • THEY CAN QUANTIFY THEIR PAIN: They know what it’s worth to them to avoid ever experiencing that pain again
    • SPEED OF TRANSACTION: They want a solution yesterday, and are willing to pay for it without much back and forth
    •  CASE STUDIES: They give great testimonials, because they have a specific failure in the past to which they can compare this amazing result you bring them

Not focusing exclusively on them has drawbacks…

  1. They unconsciously devalue and downplay the significance of your program / product / service, because they have no reference point of producing that result being a “hard” thing
  2. They give you either no testimonial or a lack luster testimonial, because they’re questioning why they need to pay you in the first place 
  3. They view your expertise as your opinions, not as expertise


I’ve worked on this email for 2+ hours trying to shave it down, because it’s just too long…

So I decided to just do a screenshare of my Customer Avatar Selection document and record myself on Zoom explaining it, but that ended up being 20 minutes…

Then I tried to record it again and shorten it, and that ended up still being 15 minutes…

So I’ve just decided to give you the whole document instead.

This is the exact Customer Avatar Selection framework and document that I use in my $31,500 Luminary Roundtable group training program…

I have never made this document public before.


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